Preventing cystitis is a state of mind

Cystitis doesn't stop,
Unless You stop it!

We often say it: cystitis prevention is a state of mind.

Prevention means pre-occupation, “taking care of” your cystitis first, so that it doesn’t ruin your every plan.

And for those suffering from recurrent cystitis, prevention MUST be the most important step of all, don’t you think?

It is not an excess or obsession: on the contrary, it means being aware of the problem and acting pro-actively to solve it.

And if that wasn’t convincing enough, here are 8 things you would avoid by making prevention part of your daily routine:

  • New rounds of antibiotics, with all the side effects these might entail;
  • New money spent on medical visits and diagnostic tests;
  • Endless queues in the waiting room;
  • The risk of compromising the balance of your intestinal and vaginal flora;
  • Other related diseases (candida, for example);
  • Sudden absences from work;
  • Trips or weekends ruined;
  • Anxiety that cystitis is always around the corner.

Don’t these sound like good reasons to take the battle against cystitis into your own hands?

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