Start fighting cystitis NOW with Dimann Puro

Dimann Puro attracts the bacteria that cause cystitis to itself,
eliminating them through urine.

What benefits you can get from using
Of Dimann Puro?

How Does Dimann Pure Work?

Phase 1

Pure D-mannose reaches the bladder and approaches bacteria

Phase 2

Pure D-mannose adheres to bacterial paws

Phase 3

With urine you excrete the D-mannose and the bacteria attached to it

What does Dimann Puro contain?



D-mannose is a natural molecule contained in birch bark.
Ninety-two percent of women have not yet heard of it, but it is considered to be a key element in the fight against bacterial cystitis.
More and more physicians claim that d-mannose is an important support for women suffering from recurrent cystitis.

Those who use it know this!

For the past year I have been following the Dimann method and have been reborn! If I had been told this a few years ago, I would not have believed it possible. Now I’m going out with friends, I’m going to work-I’m finally back to life.


Before I discovered Dimann, I spent hundreds of euros on homeopathic cures, miracle herbal teas and various cures, without improving my condition. Now I want to tell all women that with Dimann there is a real possibility of recovery.


I have not had a cystitis since I started my course. Thank you Dimann for teaching me how to fight cystitis and thank you Lorenza for always being available for anything!


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