Cystitis: the ultimate guide by Lorenza

I created this guide on cystitis to share my experience
and help all women who want to recover from cystitis.
On this page you can find everything you should read to acquire most of the information you need to become an expert and successfully combat cystitis.

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If you are new to the field, I recommend reading these articles in order, first to last.

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The right approach to dealing with cystitis

Embarking on a path to rid ourselves of cystitis means first adopting the correct mindset to deal with it. Here are some introductory hints:

How you can live a life without cystitis

What is the most valuable thing I have learned about cystitis (and myself)? I tell you about it in this article!

How to cope with cystitis: some tips to start light

In this article I report some of the advice from Simona, one of the greatest women I have ever met, on how to deal with cystitis.

The long-term strategy to defeat cystitis

Some women can beat cystitis, others cannot. Let’s find out together what sets them apart.

Everything you need to know about cystitis

Understanding cystitis is the first step to defeating it. Remember: healing requires a strategy that has a solid foundation. Pay attention to this section and study thoroughly!

1) What is the (real) cause of cystitis.
Cystitis is a complex, multifactorial disease. Let’s see together what factors cause it and why it is important to know about them.

2) Recognize the symptoms to treat it promptly
Knowing the symptoms of cystitis, even the less common ones, is essential to take action before it worsens.

3) Accurate diagnosis for a tailored pathway
The diagnosis of cystitis is too often made based on symptoms alone, leading us astray with untargeted treatments.

Many types of cystitis: find out why it's important to know about them

In most cases, cystitis is bacterial. However, there are various types of cystitis, and each requires special precautions. Let’s look at them together.

1) Post-coital cystitis

Cystitis often arises after sexual intercourse, and this can curb our intimate moments. Find out how to prevent cystitis from ruining your understanding with your partner.

2) Cystitis in menopause

For us women, menopause is a time of major hormonal changes, and this can promote the onset of cystitis. Don’t be caught unprepared!

3) Interstitial cystitis

This type of cystitis is an inflammation (without bacteria) that affects the life of the sufferer with chronic pain. Learn all about this sneaky form of cystitis.

4) Cystitis in children

Cystitis in children is more common than you might think and requires a number of precautions to pay attention to. Let’s see them together.

5) Cystitis in pregnancy

During sweet expectation, certain conditions occur that can facilitate the onset of cystitis. Find out all the special features of cystitis in pregnancy.

6) Asymptomatic bacteriuria

As the name implies, this form of cystitis is characterized by the presence of bacteria, but not by symptoms! Despite being a silent traveling companion, it is important not to ignore it.

7) Cystitis in the elderly

The elderly are among the most at-risk groups for cystitis due to some typical conditions that come with advancing age. Find out how to avoid it.

How to beat cystitis even before you have it

1) Sports and exercises for cystitis: how can they help you?

When it comes to physical activity and cystitis, there are some exercises that can help, while others can be counterproductive! Find out which ones.

2) Diet for cystitis: how to fight it starting with nutrition

“We are what we eat” also applies to cystitis. Here are some nutritional tips on foods that can increase your risk of cystitis and those that can help you fight it.

D-Mannose, your natural ally against cystitis

1) D-mannose: your natural ally.

What is D-mannose? What are its properties? Where is it found in nature? Find out everything you need to know about your #1 ally against cystitis.

2) D-mannose or antibiotic? Two treatments compared

Overuse of antibiotics is known to increase the chances of recurrent cystitis. Let’s look together at a study comparing the two treatments.

Are you looking for a natural remedy to treat your chronic or recurrent cystitis?

Dimann Puro is a natural dietary supplement of D-Mannose, a useful natural remedy for acute bacterial cystitis and for the prevention of recurrent cystitis.