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FAQ 15 June 2021

What is the connection between cystitis and constipation?

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What is the logical thread that connects being constipated and suffering from cystitis?

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Constipation, simply called Constipation, is a condition that can lead to the development of cystitis!

Constipation is, in fact, characterized by a slowdown and stagnation of stool and it is precisely these factors that can lead to the formation and proliferation of colonies of bacteria and their easy ascent to your bladder!

Going to properly treat Constipation also means preventing new bouts of bacterial cystitis from occurring!
I can immediately suggest Dimann Flor milk enzymes, which rebalance the intestinal and vaginal bacterial flora, nourishing the good bacteria and giving well-being to your intestine.

I invite you to read our article that delves into the topic of constipation and meanwhile, if you do not know how to treat your bacterial cystitis, discover our specially designed kit 👉 Kit Bacterial Cystitis.

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