Post-Coital Cystitis Kit

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See all kits The Post-Coital Cystitis Kit helps to thwart cystitis after sexual intercourse. The Post-Coital Cystitis Kit combines proper lubrication with protection from unwanted bacteria. You may suffer from post-coital cystitis if the cystitis tends to occur 24-72 hours after intercourse.
Ideal formulations for Lubricates for a long timeSoothe annoying symptomsPrevents the formation of micro-lesions from intercourseExpels bacteria that have entered the bladder due to intercourse
Composition kit
Dimann Gel Helps penetration and lubricates for a long time

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Paraben Free
Without Fragrance
Silicones Free
Dye Free
Cruelty free
Laboratory tested
Dimann Puro Prevents bacteria from attacking the bladder

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Gluten Free
Dye Free
Dimann Flogo Reduces symptoms that may occur

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Gluten Free
Dye Free
Appropriate if
CELIACS Dimann Puro and Dimann Flogo do not contain gluten.
CONCEPT Dimann Puro, Dimann Flogo, and Dimann Gel do not hinder conception.
PREGNANCY Dimann Puro and Dimann Gel can also be used during pregnancy. Dimann Flogo requires a gynecological consultation.
NURSING Dimann Puro can be taken during breastfeeding. Dimann Flogo requires a paediatric consultation.
LACTOSE INTOLERANT Dimann Puro is naturally lactose-free.
Avoid if
ALLERGENS Dimann Flogo is not suitable for those who are allergic to milk proteins.
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