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FAQ 15 June 2021

Can cystitis increase in winter?

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been asking yourself, “can cystitis increase in the winter?”, you have been asking yourself a 30-something question!

Ahimè, anche il freddo può essere un fattore di rischio della cistite. 😞

I’ll explain to you right now some potential causes of cystitis in winter:

  • Heating: It may sound absurd, but heating systems can dry out the air we breathe and consequently our bodies;
  • Use of synthetic, non-breathable winter clothing ;
  • Cold: sensitizes nerve endings and increases the chance of encountering bladder infections;
  • The immune system is under pressure.

Here’s one way to thwart cystitis in the winter!
Curious? 🧐

Prevent with the Dimann Prevention Kit that keeps the immune defenses of the bladder strong, removes the risk of cystitis and allows you to keep the intestinal and vaginal flora in the balance!

Read the full article 👉 Cystitis in winter and if you have any questions or concerns, write to me. ❤️

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