Dimann or Antibiotic
FAQ 15 June 2021

Can I Substitute the Antibiotic For the Dimanns?

Hello Friend,

Like you, many women are tired of taking antibiotics and ask me if they can replace them with Dimann Line products.

My answer is yes.You can be substituted it for antibiotics!

Remember, there has to be the advice and consent of your G.P.

If he prescribed the antibiotic, I suggest you follow the directions.
The doctor you trust remains your point of reference and the person who knows your clinical situation best.

Eventually, you may decide to take both antibiotic and Dimann products.

I invite you to read this article on the benefits and differences between antibiotic and Dimann products: D-mannose or antibiotics, which is the best?

If you have any questions, write to me! 😊

Also read the answer to the question “Which bacteria are sensitive to D-mannose Puro?” and then, verify that the bacteria in your bladder are sensitive to D-mannose Puro.

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