Dimann and burning
FAQ 15 June 2021

I’m Experiencing Burning Whenever I Want to Pee, But No Cystitis. What Can I Do?

Hello Friend,

You feel an intense burning, but you don’t have cystitis?

Here, what I suggest you do!

1) Investigate the causes with your doctor or your gynaecologist: they remain the people who know best about your clinical situation!


2) Perform a urinalysis and look at the Leukocyte level. Leukocytes are white blood cells that arrive in the bladder as a response to an inflammatory state!

Un numero alto di leucociti nelle urine potrebbe quindi rappresentare il segnale di un’infiammazione in corso e potrebbe essere la causa dei tuoi sintomi.

Download our free guide on treating cystitis without bacteria but with high leukocytes: A bacterial Cystitis Kit.

If you had a urine culture or urine test recently, check for the “*” symbol (the asterisk) next to the leukocyte and nitrite values: if present, contact your doctor (if you want us to) to understand your situation.🙂


3) If your burning is external and does not depend on particular factors, use our fantastic intimate cream, natural and soothing: Dimann Candida.

Don’t let the name fool you. Its composition is ideal for Candida and relieves you with from burning and intimate itching, moisturizing the vaginal mucosa and protecting it from infection.

Get to know all its properties here: Dimann Candida.


Want advice and want to know more? Chat with me…I’ll be waiting. ❤️

Also, please read our article: Negative effects of cystitis on your bladder!


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