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FAQ 15 June 2021

What is abacterial cystitis?

Hello Friend,

Oh yes, there is more than just cystitis caused by bacteria!🙄

What does it mean to have abacterial cystitis then?

This is cystitis characterized by the NON presence of bacteria in the urine, but which manifests itself with several symptoms similar to those of bacterial cystitis and includes several inflammatory changes of the bladder.

Even more sneaky as cystitis!🤔

Let me give you some advice: Make sure you do the urinalysis without antibiotics. Once you get the test results back, see your doctor find the causes and pay attention to the value of the white blood cells, the so-called Leukocytes (usually indicates an ongoing inflammation if the value is higher than 25)! 😘

We have written an article that delves into the causes and treatment of abacterial cystitis . I invite you to read it because it may clear up a lot of your doubts!

If you don’t know what to do or need support, write to me.❤️

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