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FAQ 15 June 2021

What Are the Causes of Cystitis?

Hello Friend,

You got cystitis, but you don’t know why?
I will do my best to answer you briefly and thoroughly!!! 😊

Unfortunately for us, cystitis is a complex condition, and its causes can vary from person to person depending on age, gender, and certain physiological or pathological conditions..

Dimann is here to help you ❤️

Most cystitis depends on bacteria from the gut.
However, it’s not enough for us to have this information – we need to investigate what factors might have triggered this bacterial infection or inflammation of your bladder. 🧐

I’ll list the major causes right now:

  • Constipation.
  • Sexual intercourse.
  • Cycle and Menopause.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Intimate hygiene and poor eating habits.
  • Stress and low immune system.

I invite you to read our article dedicated to the causes of cystitis, to deepen all points, and I recommend you always contact your doctor for more clarification.

If you want and need support, write to me!👈

A virtual hug!


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