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FAQ 15 June 2021

What Are the Contraindications of Dimann?

Hello Friend,

If you have been wondering,“what are the contraindications of Dimann,” I would like to give you my sincere congratulations.
It is very important to have a thorough understanding of the products you wish to purchase.

So, what are the contraindications of Dimann products?

I can tell you that the products of the Dimann Line have no contraindications. 🌸

There are no contraindications for the following products:

  • Dimann Puro.
  • Dimann Flor.
  • Dimann Gel.
  • Dimann Candida cream.

If you are allergic to milk protein (“protein” and not lactose, which is a sugar), I would not recommend Dimann Flogo.

If you are allergic to shellfish, avoid Dimann Daily.

All Dimann are gluten-free, suitable in the conception phase, breastfeeding, and can also be used by children (under the pediatrician’s prescription).

If you are pregnant, take Dimann Daily after consultation with your gynecologist.

We have carefully studied the formulation of our products, creating a specific, beneficial, and natural composition for each one. 😉

If you would like to learn more, read this article: Cystitis and D-mannose.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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