FAQ 15 June 2021

What does the pH of urine indicate?

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You clicked on a really interesting question: what does the pH of urine indicate?

I’ll briefly explain what urine pH indicates and how it can help you recognize cystitis. 💪

The pH of urine measures whether our organism is balanced or unbalanced, thanks to a scale of values ranging from 0 to the number 14.

  • If the urine pH is greater than 7, the urine is usually considered alkaline and could be a sign of urinary infections, such as cystitis.
  • If the pH is low, below number 5, the urine is defined as acidic and could lead to the formation of kidney stones or bladder inflammation.

In these cases, I suggest you see your doctor and get a urine culture: the urine test that allows you to see if your bladder is inflamed or loaded with bacteria. 🙉

Finally, your urine pH is optimal and neutral if it scores no lower than 5 and no higher than #8! 🤞

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