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FAQ 15 June 2021

Why Can Menstruation Increase the Likelihood of Cystitis Attacks?

Hello, Friend,

Many women, like you, wonder“why does the cycle increases the likelihood of cystitis”?


You may have wondered if there is a connection, or you may have noticed…what can I say…indeed there is!

The factors are three:

  • Tampons.
  • The menses.
  • The hormones.


Unfortunately, tampons or synthetic tampons that we use during the cycle can increase irritation to the vaginal mucous membranes. In addition, the blood itself can contribute to the proliferation of bacteria and their rise to the bladder.


Mastocysts, cells of our body present in the uterus, release certain inflammatory substances.

These inflammatory substances, which spread throughout the body, are what allow menstruation to come.

However, suppose you already have an inflamed bladder from previous cystitis. The release of these inflammatory substances could cause your bladder to burn even more and bring back the strong symptoms.


There are also hormonal surges that reduce our ability to withstand pain and the likelihood of increased muscle contractions.


Be strong, with you are the Dimann Girls: ready to listen and help you!🙂


I invite you to read this article to understand better the connections between cycle and cystitis: cystitis and menstrual cycle.

Remember: Being a woman is still beautiful! 😍


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