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FAQ 15 June 2021

Why Won’t my Cystitis go Away?

Hello Friend,

When you have cystitis, your only desire is to get well and for good.
You’re right if you thought of that!

Right from the start, you probably asked yourself, “Why won’t my cystitis go away?”
And how can I blame you, gosh: you’re doubly right!


The Dimann line is specifically designed to fight cystitis naturally and on several battlefields. It takes a little patience and consistency. ❤️

The treatments we suggest are valid, but we recommend following the dosage well and taking the Dimann putting in place all the precautions.



With the help of your doctor, try to understand the predisposing factors and triggers of your cystitis. I mean, investigate the causes.

This will allow them to be resolved, and the phenomenon of cystitis will gradually subside.

Example: If your cystitis is bacterial and there is a continuous proliferation of the bacteria themselves, investigate the reasons with your doctor (see, for example, if there are problems in the intestines).

We can provide you with the support of Dimann Puro to wipe out the bacteria, but remember what we just said. ❤️

I invite you to read our article about the causes of cystitis!

If you have any doubts, write to me.🙂

Big hug!


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