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FAQ 15 June 2021

Why do Urine Culture?

Hello, Friend,

You’ve often heard yourself say, “You should do a urinalysis,” but why?
I don’t have time, I just need to get better from this obnoxious cystitis.😑

You’re right. The goal is to get rid of these annoying symptoms that are plaguing you. However, urine culture is very important to understand, if it is cystitis, what it depends on and not to damage or worsen your situation.

Urine culture is a vital urine test to diagnose inflammation or infection in the urinary tract and allows you to accurately identify the species of bacteria present in your urine.🧐

It allows you to receive an accurate diagnosis and find the solution that best suits you: to fight your cystitis in the best possible way. 💪

Always talk to your doctor, discuss the subject in-depth, also reading “an accurate diagnosis for a tailor-made treatment.”

If you have questions, contact me!

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