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FAQ 15 June 2021

Why is nutrition important if you suffer from cystitis?

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“Be careful with your diet” is a typical phrase we’ve often heard.

I have always questioned how nutrition is so crucial if you have cystitis, but I haven’t been able to answer until a few months ago.🤔

Have you ever asked yourself the same question?

If“Yes“, I wish to share with you what I have discovered!
I was really curious to learn more about this. 😊

Cystitis is an infection of the urinary tract caused mainly by bacteria from the intestines (the “famous” Escherichia Coli bacteria is an example).

An incorrect diet, therefore, can alter the intestinal flora, leading bacteria to proliferate more easily. 👈

Promoting intestinal regularity with a healthy diet helps avoid stagnant stools (the “lair” of bad bacteria), prevents bladder irritation, and blocks the aggression of bacteria: it can help you both during an acute attack of cystitis and in prevention. ❤️

In our article “Diet for cystitis,” you can read the recommended foods and not recommended if you suffer from cystitis!

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