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Cystitis info

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Let’s start with the main info about cystitis!

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder that may be due to an infection or other factors.

Cystitis is a disease that can have several causes:

  • Infectious, the most common is when bacteria attack the walls of your bladder.
  • Chemicals, caused by the exaggerated consumption of irritating foods, ungentlemanly intimate hygiene products, or the daily use of tight clothing made of synthetic materials.
  • Physical, due to particularly stressful periods or concomitant illnesses (e.g., diabetes).

Another key info about cystitis is that it is not silent 😔, but often manifests itself with unpleasant symptoms, such as the urge to run to the bathroom immediately and several times to pee, a sense of failure to empty your bladder, or burning when you urinate.


Were you aware of this cystitis info?

A little while ago, I gave you a very interesting piece of information about cystitis: the most common cause of cystitis is infectious.

Eighty percent of the time, the cause of cystitis is a bacterial infection, and the bacterium that most triggers it is called Escherichia Coli. Escherichia Coli. 👈

But I reveal to you another very useful piece of information about cystitis: remember to investigate thoroughly 🔎, with the help of your doctor, the causes that have triggered your cystitis.

It is not enough to know that cystitis depends on bacteria, but it is very important to know why they have come to invade your bladder.

Bacteria can get into the bladder for several reasons:

Don’t worry, now I’m going to reveal the best cystitis info you could ever get: the Dimann line of supplements was created specifically to treat cystitis all around.

We thought of everything!

For each type of cystitis, there is, in fact, a specific kit of Dimann products.

Is your cystitis not from bacteria, or is it infectious, or does it come after intercourse?

The answer for you is Dimann. 😍

The Dimann line is natural, has no particular contraindications, and respects the well-being of your body!

If you want to get more info about cystitis, you can message me directly!
I will be your personal source of cystitis info. 😘


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