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Cystitis and sport: instructions for use


  1. Cystitis: can I or cannot I do sport?
  2. What sports should I play if I have cystitis?
  3. Measures for sport and cystitis


Hello Friend,

“Sports builds your mind and is good for your cystitis.”
It is with this sentence that I invite you to read some considerations and reflections. 😇

When we think of sports, we often associate them with losing weight or staying in shape.

Yes, true, but have we ever thought about the deeper motivations that drive us to play sports and the impact it can have when suffering from cystitis?

Exercising is comparing and competing with ourselves.

It allows us to work on the confidence we have towards our cystitis and enables us to get out of the rules and imposed schemes: when we do the sport, we create a mental space that allows us to travel with our fantasies, making us forget the thought of cystitis.

We put the mind in a position where it can train itself to achieve goals and make it stronger, to have control and the freedom to feel satisfied and simply free: free from cystitis.❤️

Have you ever experienced these feelings?
If the answer is “no“, I wholeheartedly invite you to give it a little thought: well-being assured!

PS: contact me if you have questions!

Cystitis: can I or cannot I do sport?

After those words, I bet you’re rightly wondering, “yeah all good, but so if I have cystitis can you confirm I can play sports?”

Fsport is good for you and always will be, so why give it up?

Not exercising because of cystitis is not a valid reason not to exercise.😀

Moderate and healthy physical activity is good for the whole body and yes, for the urinary tract too!

Sport works positively in preventing urinary infections because it is linked with your general well-being and good physical condition.

Let’s slow down the fear and put laziness to sleep!

Take care, though, try not to strain and overdo it, go “step by step” and if you have discomfort or severe pain, absolutely rest both physically and mentally on those days: prefer a good movie and a hot herbal tea to pamper yourself. 🥰

What sports should I practice if I have cystitis?

There is no scientific evidence on the relationship between sports and cystitis.

If you’re not a “sports person,” I suggest you start with a more leisurely 30/40-minute physical activity like:

  • take a brisk walk outside, maybe in a pleasant park;
  • gentle gymnastics exercises that you can also do at home;
  • Yoga and Pilates;
  • gym: here, I recommend the exercise bike, the treadmill or the elliptical , thanks to which, for example, you can improve your cardiovascular function, tone up and reduce stress.

But, as we said earlier, NOT playing sports will not prevent cystitis!
You can follow the activities you prefer, including:

  • cycling;
  • swimming;
  • the race.

Always remember not to overexert yourself and to stop the exercises if they turn out to be painful. ☝️

So, are you ready?
You can do it very well. If you continue reading this article I’ll reveal some vital tips to treasure!

Sport and Cystitis

The key for those who do sports and suffer from cystitis is to take the right steps!

And as promised, I’ll tell you what they are right now:

  1. Hydration: drink often and reintroduce fluids lost during physical activity. This allows you to prevent urine from sitting for too long in the bladder, thus decreasing the possibility of a potential bacterial load triggered by stopped urine and thus reducing the chances of encountering urinary tract infections. 😮
  2. Hygiene: Always take care of your personal hygiene. If you go swimming, change your wet swimsuit as soon as possible. But taking off your sweaty and used (often synthetic) clothes immediately applies to any sporting activity: a nice shower and change!
  3. Nutrition: Combine your exercise with a balanced diet. This means choosing foods rich in fiber and vitamins in your daily routine! You can dabble in cooking as many vegetables as you like, pairing them with whole grains and vegetable or animal proteins. If you want to know more here, you can always read our article to fight cystitis starting with diet.

My friend, what are you going to do? Sport makes us happy. 😊

If you want to share your happiness, achievements, or have questions, you can write to me directly!

Big hug!


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