Intimate burning and itching, 40 Years old
Testimony of Debora - Intimate burning and itching
Intimate burning and itching 2  Years old
1 Months


Intimate burning and itching, 40 Years old

I don’t suffer from cystitis, but I often had a burning and itching sensation on the outside of my vagina that forced me to run to the bathroom both to find a moment of relief and to escape embarrassment.

I love wearing tight jeans, and since I travel a lot, I usually use intimate cleansers that I find around, even very low-quality ones.

So, I needed a cream to apply every day that would reduce those discomforts, protect me from infections and my not-so-positive habits.

Because of this, I decided to purchase the Dimann Candida soothing and moisturizing cream.
I use it several times a day because it gives me that pleasant feeling of well-being and protection. It is the product that, next to the lipstick, is never missing in my purse.

Also, I’m following the advice I’ve read in the articles in the Magazine: I drink more water than usual, and I’m much more careful about my intimate hygiene.

I’m so pleased!

Intimate burning and itching 2 Years old
1 Months
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