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Dimann Puro Baby

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Dimann Puro Baby is a food supplement for cystitis in children based on pure D-Mannose.

Dimann Puro Baby's d-mannose, extracted from birch for the best quality, helps resolve the acute phase of cystitis in children and hinders its recurrence.

The package contains 120 openable vegetarian capsules, specially dosed for cystitis in children under 25 kg (the single dose doubles if the weight is higher, i.e., 2 capsules per intake instead of one).
Acute Phase
Ideal formulation for Prevent bacteria from attacking the bladderExpel bacteria by peeingAvoiding antibiotic resistance
D-Mannose 250 mg per capsule Prevents bacteria from inflaming the bladder

The ingredients of Dimann Puro are: D-Mannose, extract from birch (the highest quality source).
The ingredients that do not represent the active part of the product but ensure it can be taken are: Hydroxy-propyl methyl cellulose (the vegetable capsule), silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent), microcrystalline cellulose (bulking agent).

Appropriate if
Celiac Dimann Puro Baby does not contain gluten.
Children Dimann Puro Baby is specially formulated for cystitis in children.
Lactose intolerant Dimann Puro Baby is naturally lactose-free.
Vegans Dimann Puro Baby non contiene ingredienti di origine animale
100% natural Dimann Puro Baby is free of artificial additives.
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