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Dimann Tisana

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Dimann Tisana is an herbal tea against cystitis, useful both in the treatment phase and during cystitis prevention.

This is a dietary supplement based on Mallow, Horsetail and Spearmint.

The ingredients in Dimann Herbal Tea help fight cystitis and help preserve the proper well-being of the urinary tract.

Acute Phase
Ideal formulation for Soothe inflammation and relax urinary tract musclesContributing to the process of restoring bladder wellnessGive a moment of pleasure and cleanse the urinary tract of unwanted guests
Usage Tips
  • Consume the contents of one stick of Dimann Tisana in small sips during the course of the day, at a break time or one hour after taking the D-Mannose contained in Dimann Puro and/or Dimann Daily.
Mallow 450 mg Protects the mucous membranes of the urinary tract and helps reduce their inflammatory state
Horsetail 200 mg Promotes proper function of the urinary tract
Crabgrass 350 mg Promotes drainage of body fluids and, therefore, purification of the body

The ingredients of Dimann Herbal Tea are: Mallow, Horsetail, Spearmint. The ingredients that are not the active part of the product but ensure that it can be taken are: Inulin, Silicon dioxide.

Appropriate if
Celiac Dimann Herbal Tea does not contain gluten
Conception Dimann Herbal Tea does not hinder conception
Pregnancy Dimann Tisana can also be used during pregnancy. Always consult your gynecologist of choice in any case.
Breastfeeding Dimann Herbal Tea can be taken during breastfeeding. Always consult your pediatrician in any case.
Children Dimann Tisana can also be taken by toddlers. Always consult your pediatrician in any case.
Avoid if
Grass allergy We suggest avoiding consumption of Dimann Herbal Tea if you are allergic to grasses
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