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FAQ 27 December 2023

What is Dimann Candida used for?

Hello Friend,

If you’ve been wondering what the Dimann Candida formulation might be for, you’ve clicked in the right place. ❤️

I’ll explain what Dimann Candida cream is for right now!

The formulation of Dimann Candida not only soothes the symptoms of Candida, but is a great cream with natural ingredients that can:

  • moisturize and purify your intimate mucous membranes.
  • protect you from infection and bacterial attack.
  • decrease external burning and itching.

Dimann Candida cream can be your daily salvation. 😍 Apply a dab to the outer mucous membrane as needed!

I’m available to answer any questions you may have. 😘

A virtual hug!


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