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FAQ 15 June 2021

How Long Does the Prevention Phase Last?

Hello, Friend,

After finally getting rid of cystitis… what’s the one thing you want?

Prevent it!

So many of you ask us“but how long does this prevention phase last?

Since we recommend the ingredients in Dimann Daily, how long should you take it?


There is no maximum time. The best answer is: for as long as you wish to prevent!

Based on your needs, history, and type of cystitis, you can decide when to discontinue the prevention 🙂
Remember that you will be “discovered” later.

As I mentioned earlier, Dimann Daily is the product we suggest for this and maintenance phases.
Its formulation can repair the walls of your bladder, decreasing inflammation and hindering the appearance of other new episodes of cystitis.

Click here to discover all its features: Dimann Daily.

If you wish, you can also decide to use Dimann Pure to prevent cystitis, although we usually suggest it during the acute phase.

Also, please read our article to help you prevent cystitis, starting with nutrition: Diet and Nutrition.

Sending you a big hug and goodbye, sharing this famous quote with you:

“Prevention is better than cure!”


Did we help?

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