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Dimann Daily Tablets

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Dimann Daily is a natural food supplement based on D-mannose, GAG, and MSM. These ingredients support the restoration of normal bladder function and strengthen the bladder's natural defenses.
Ideal formulation for Hinder the onset of new episodes of cystitisRepair bladder wallsReduce annoying chronic symptoms
D-Mannose 250 mg per tablet Prevents bacteria from inflaming the bladder
GAG 200 mg per tablet Soothes persistent symptoms and repairs bladder damage
MSM 250 mg per tablet Relieves pain and inflammation
Magnesium and Potassium 160 mg per tablet They relax the bladder muscles when contracted.
Xylitol 75 mg per tablet Acts on bacteria less sensitive to the action of D-Mannose
Quercetin 50 mg per tablet Has an anti-inflammatory action and fights free radicals
Hyaluronic Acid 15 mg per tablet Helps maintain elasticity of bladder tissues

The ingredients of Dimann Daily Tablets are: D-mannose (250 mg per tablet), GAG (200 mg per tablet) derived from CROSTACEANS, MSM (250 mg per tablet), Magnesium (80 mg per tablet), Potassium (80 mg per tablet), Xylitol (75 mg per tablet), Quercetin (50 mg per tablet), Hyaluronic Acid (15 mg per tablet).
The ingredients that do not represent the active part of the product but ensure that it can be taken are: Erythritol, Steviol glycosides, Microcrystalline cellulose, Anhydrous citric acid, Magnesium salts of fatty acids, Silicon dioxide.

Appropriate if
Celiac Dimann Daily does not contain gluten.
Conception Dimann Daily does not hinder conception.
Breastfeeding Dimann Daily can be taken during breastfeeding. Always compare yourself with your pediatrician of choice.
Children Dimann Daily can be taken by toddlers. Always compare yourself with your pediatrician of choice.
Avoid if
Allergens Dimann Daily is not suitable for people with shellfish allergies.
Pregnancy Dimann Daily is not recommended during pregnancy
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