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FAQ 15 June 2021

How to remember to hire Dimann?

Hello Friend,

How and when should you hire Dimann?

I’ll take care of it ❤️, I’ll explain right now how you can remember to take the tablets or capsules of Dimann products.

Each specific Dimann Kit has been designed specifically to treat different types of cystitis individually, and within each Kit you can find the complete guide to download for free!

Inside the guide of each kit, there is a suggested dosage fencing.😘

Each product has its tab with recommended times and quantities of tablets or capsules to take each day, depending on your type of cystitis, and the phase you face (acute, maintenance, or prevention).

Schedules can be changed, but I suggest you follow the entire dosage schedule we’ve created and the “rules” of taking it – don’t want to get rid of cystitis?😎

In addition, inside the Dimann product packaging, you will also find an information leaflet!

If you have questions, write to me.😍

Big hug!


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