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D-mannose: posology for each phase of cystitis


  1. D-mannose: posology during the acute phase of cystitis
  2. D-mannose: posology in the maintenance phase of cystitis
  3. D-mannose: posology to prevent cystitis
  4. D-mannose: posology and general advice

Hello, Friend,

You have no idea how to take D-mannose Puro capsules?

No problem, it’s perfectly normal: I’ll take care of it!

I’ll explain the whole dosage in full, so you can’t go wrong. 😊 You’ll discover new ways to use D-mannose in the fight against cystitis, with practical suggestions based on recent studies.

Either way, know that you can send me a little message (even at night!).

Ready to become a D-mannose expert? 3, 2, 1 and away 🏁

D-mannose: posology during the acute phase of cystitis

The acute phase of cystitis is when the bacteria start the party and rampage to the music inside your bladder, causing you cystitis and all those annoying and unbearable symptoms.

At this stage, it is most important to interrupt their celebrations and insist on “kicking them out of the house”!

To cope with this, we have designed a specific dosage to be followed with Dimann Puro, with a duration of seven days:

  • From day 1 to day 4, take six capsules per day spread throughout the day. This is one capsule every 3-4 hours;
  • From day five, you can start scaling back one capsule at a time! Therefore, take five capsules on the fifth day, four capsules on the sixth day, and three capsules on the seventh day (always spread throughout the day).

D-mannose is known for its ability to prevent bacteria from adhering to bladder walls, thus facilitating their elimination through urine. This property makes it particularly effective in the treatment of acute cystitis, helping to reduce the presence of bacteria and mitigate symptoms.

If you’re wondering, “but why all these capsules”?
Indeed, it is a more than fair question. 🧐

The main reasons are two:

  1. To continue to expel the bacteria in your bladder and stop their attacks and continuous unwanted festivities;
  2. To constantly protect your bladder from further bacterial growth and, as a result, to decrease and avoid those “deafening” symptoms.

What do you say, did I convince you? 😘

In addition, there is a general rule that applies to each Dimann Puro capsule: take it with an empty bladder and wait an hour before drinking lots of water!

If you would like, you can click here “D-mannose mode of intake” to explore this further.

You’ll definitely make it: you’ll be the one celebrating.🎉

If your cystitis is bacterial and post-coital (from sexual intercourse), try following this dosage:

  • Take one capsule with an empty bladder immediately after intercourse;
  • over the course of 24 hours after intercourse, take 7-8 capsules divided throughout the day (1 every 3-4 hours);
  • For the second and third day, continue with four capsules per day;
  • Finally, for the fourth day, take 3 capsules of D-mannose Pure.

D-mannose has also been shown to be particularly useful in preventing post-coital cystitis, helping to reduce the frequency of urinary infections in women prone to recurrent cystitis.

I suggest you follow this dosage every time you have a relationship. Discover also the Dimann product kit designed for post-coital cystitis. 😍

D-mannose: posology in the maintenance phase of cystitis

Let’s do it!
Once the first week of the acute phase has passed, continue with the Dimann Puro and begin maintenance. 💪

What do you mean?

The maintenance phase, which lasts seven weeks, is used to continue to excrete bacteria through the urine (for some of these, the party continues around the clock) and to defend your bladder:

  • For the first three weeks, take three capsules per day of D-mannose Puro (morning, afternoon, and evening);
  • For the fourth and fifth weeks, I recommend two capsules per day of D-mannose and for the last two weeks, one capsule per day (preferably before bedtime)!

All right, dear?

During the maintenance phase, D-mannose continues to play a crucial role in preventing the recurrence of cystitis symptoms. This period is critical to consolidate the benefits obtained during the acute phase and to reduce the risk of recurrence. Maintaining a consistent routine of D-mannose intake helps maintain a hostile environment for bacteria, preventing them from reattaching to the bladder walls.

Remember to take the capsules with an empty bladder and wait an hour before drinking plenty of water.👍

At this stage, I suggest you also combine D-mannose with Dimann Daily.
Why this too? 🙂

Dimann Daily has a formulation that supports Pure D-mannose in expelling bacteria. In addition, its ingredients defame the bladder, soothe pain, further help the bladder strengthen itself and hinder the occurrence of another cystitis.

The ingredients in this product work in synergy with D-mannose, offering a holistic approach to urinary tract wellness. This combination not only helps maintain the balance of the bacterial flora, but also helps strengthen the bladder’s natural defenses, making it less susceptible to future infections.

Ah, though, what a super combo!

D-mannose: posology to prevent cystitis

You can also take Dimann Puro to hinder the onset of new episodes of bacterial cystitis.

For this phase, I recommend you take two capsules a day of D-mannose Puro (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), for at least a month, and always on an empty bladder.

There is no maximum time or limit. You can decide to continue for months or even years. You can take a break and resume or stop.😉

Regular use of D-mannose as a preventive measure is an effective approach to significantly reduce the risk of cystitis recurrence. This simple sugar, which cannot be assimilated by the body, works by preventing bacteria from adhering to the bladder walls, facilitating their expulsion through urine. It is a natural and gentle way to maintain urinary tract health without resorting to more invasive treatments.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: D-mannose Pure will always be a welcome guest at your party. Its action does not create problems in the long run, and it has no particular contraindications!

In addition, it is important to note that adequate daily hydration is critical to support the effectiveness of D-mannose. Drinking sufficient amounts of water helps maintain a regular urinary flow, which is essential to expel bacteria and potentially irritating substances. A balanced diet high in fiber and low in refined sugars can also contribute to a healthy urinary environment, further reducing the risk of infection.

In the prevention of cystitis, you can also use just Dimann Daily, the product I mentioned a moment ago.🥰

D-mannose: posology and general advice

I want to confide in your other small but valuable tips that might help you.💚

Inside the Dimann Puro package or in our Kit Guides, you can find the schematic dosage. The times indicated are suggestions and obviously can be changed according to your lifestyle and habits!

I recommend that you be consistent with your intake and stick to the suggested amount of capsules and how you take them (you can take Dimann with an antibiotic).

A key aspect to consider is the interaction of D-mannose with other supplements or medications. Although D-mannose is generally safe and well tolerated, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before starting any new supplement if you are taking other medications, in any case you can also always count on me, so don’t hesitate to contact me. This is to ensure that there are no unwanted interactions that may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment or cause side effects.

Finally, I wanted to tell you that D-mannose is a true friend, reliable and sincere!

Remember, however, to always investigate and discover, with the help of your doctor, the causes of your cystitis: it is essential to stop the proliferation of bacteria from the beginning. 👌

If you can’t figure out the upstream factors, Pure D-mannose may go a long way to circumscribe the bacteria’s “celebration”, but it will hardly ever completely break up the party!

If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact me anytime and wherever you want. 🙋♀️

The Dimann girls are ready, are you?

Big hug!


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