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What is the difference between the Dimann Puro and the Dimann Daily?

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Each product of the Dimann Line has been specifically designed to treat your cystitis: each with its own specificities and characteristics!

What is the difference between Dimann Puro and Dimann Daily?

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Dimann Pure is our product par excellence based on 100% pure D-mannose.
Pure D-mannose is a simple sugar that can latch on to the little legs of bacteria allowing you to excrete them through your urine – it stops their proliferation!

Recommended for treating bacterial cystitis during its acute phase (when it is unleashed with all its symptoms) and during the maintenance phase (in which, once the acute phase is over, we will try to keep the situation under control and avoid recurrences).
I mean, he’s your undisputed ally!

Dimann Daily, on the other hand, has a formulation that allows you to soothe symptoms, defame and protect the bladder, and hinder the appearance of new episodes of cystitis.
In addition, it contains a small amount of Pure D-mannose which helps to expel bacteria!

Based on these incredible properties, Dimann Daily is ideal in the maintenance phase, together with Dimann Puro, and in the prevention phase, together with Dimann Flor!
It is also able to treat abacterial (bacteria-free) cystitis. 💪

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Dimann Puro and Dimann Daily are the stars of many of our Cystitis Kits.
Each kit contains, in fact, the ideal Dimann to combat your type of cystitis and a free guide so you will never feel disoriented!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can send me a message!

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