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FAQ 15 June 2021

Can I Take D-mannose Puro in the “Prevention” Phase?

Hello Friend,

Are you wondering if it is possible to take Dimann Pure (based on D-mannose Pure) also in the prevention phase?

I’ll answer you right now by telling you that you can use D-mannose Puro for prevention, taking two capsules a day (morning and evening).

However, we usually recommend Dimann Puro to treat the acute phase of cystitis.
The main job of the Pure D-mannose it contains is to latch on to the bacteria preventing them from attacking the walls of your bladder.

For the prevention phase, we highly recommend Dimann Daily and Dimann Flor. 🌸

The first is a natural product, the composition of which is ideal for hindering the appearance of further episodes of cystitis, decreasing pain, inflammation and repairing the bladder’s walls.

Dimann Flor is based on milk enzymes, which restore intestinal and vaginal flora balance, nourishing the good bacteria.

Each product in the Dimann Line is specially designed to combat cystitis on multiple fronts. 🙂

You can also find the complete guide to treating cystitis in the prevention phase, don’t miss it: Bacterial Cystitis Prevention Kit!

Feel free to contact mei f you have any questions or concerns.

A hug!


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