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FAQ 15 June 2021

Can I do sport if I have cystitis?

Hello Friend,

Let’s clear up doubt in your head right away: can you do sports with cystitis?


Doing sports is and always will be good for you!

Sporting activity has a positive effect on preventing urinary infections because it is associated with your general well-being and good physical condition. ❤️

What is important, is to take the right steps to prevent exercise from being the spark that triggers cystitis:

  • Drink often to reintroduce fluids lost during physical activity.
  • Change your wet clothes as soon as you finish your workout.
  • Combine your exercise with abalanced diet.

Read our instructions to practice your favourite sport in peace and try not to overdo it if you feel pain!

For any advice or need, you can contact me.😊

Big hug!


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