FAQ 15 June 2021

If My Bladder is Inflamed, Can I Take Dimann Pure?

Hello Friend,

You have an inflamed bladder, and you don’t know whether to take Dimann Pure?

I’ll reply immediately to tidy up the puzzle a bit. ❤️

If you have bladder inflammation of bacterial origin, I highly recommend taking Dimann Puro capsules.

Pure D-mannose, present at 100% in Dimann Puro, allows bacteria to be expelled from the bladder. As a result, Pure D-mannose will help reduce the bacterial infection, and symptoms will gradually subside. 🙂

Once the critical moment of cystitis (acute phase) has passed, I suggest you also combine our Dimann Daily! Its formulation allows you to do a targeted work on the inflammation: its ingredients inflame, repair, and strengthen the bladder’s walls!

In addition, we also suggest the composition of Dimann Daily to treat cystitis without bacteria. Check out the kit for treating bacterial cystitis here (link) and download the guide inside.

Always try to investigate the cause of the inflammation with your GP. ❤️

Let’s get to the bottom of the problem so we can get better.🌸

Big hug!


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