FAQ 15 June 2021

Why Does Dimann Gel Burn?

Hello Friend,

You’re quietly applying Dimann Gel in your bathroom at home, but suddenly a grimace of pain appears on your face, and you’re annoyed, asking,“Why is this burning me?“😒

Very honest and understandable thought, but I’ll try to answer you now. Curious?

Dimann Gel has a natural formulation designed specifically for your well-being, and Aloe Vera is one of its main ingredients!
The main function of this plant is to perform an anti-inflammatory action and healing and antibacterial.

If your intimate areas are irritated and thus particularly sensitive, it is normal for the Dimann Gel composition to cause an unpleasant burning sensation at first: the Aloe Vera is acting on the inflammation. 💪

I suggest that you continue to use it, applying, perhaps, a smaller quantity!

If the symptom persists, even outside of the application of Dimann Gel, I suggest you investigate the matter further with your gynecologist.

Hang in there. Dimann is always by your side! ❤️

Oh and of course, don’t hesitate to write to me when you have any doubts!

A hug!


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