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FAQ 29 April 2024

Can I take Dimann Flogo in the maintenance phase?

Hello Friend,

If you are wondering “can I also take Dimann Flogo in the maintenance phase” then you will find the answer here.

Many people feel so comfortable with Dimann Flogo during the acute phase (that is, when cystitis arrives suddenly and brings with it all the evil we know…), that they are almost afraid to leave it after this phase.

During the maintenance phase (when the worst is over but we can not lower our guard and continue with Dimann Puro and Dimann Daily) we work to continue to keep down the bacterial load, the cause of cystitis if it is bacterial, and repair the damage caused by bacteria to the bladder.

Dimann Flogo ‘s formulation is designed to reduce burning and pain, stimulate the immune system and weaken the bacteria responsible. Its action therefore ends in the acute phase.

My advice is therefore not to continue with Dimann Flogo but to continue the maintenance phase with Dimann Puro (pure mannose that continues to lower the bacterial load) and Dimann Daily (whose ingredients repair damage, eliminate inflammation and fight bacteria that are not sensitive to pure mannose).

For anything, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you better! 😍

You can also download our guide to treating your type of cystitis in the maintenance phase! There are all the recommended products and dosage schematic: 
Cystitis Maintenance Kit.

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