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What to take for cystitis: have you tried treating it with D-mannose?

My dear friend,

If you’ve already had a look around the web, you’ve undoubtedly already found many (perhaps too many) articles recommending antibiotics for cystitis.

But if you are looking for a natural remedy, know that you are in the right place!

Do you want to know how to beat cystitis without medication?

Let’s find out together. 🥰

Cystitis remedies: here’s the solution you (maybe) hadn’t thought of yet

The benefits of D-mannose to say goodbye to your cystitis

Had you ever heard of D-mannose?

If the answer is “Hmm, maybe?” then I will tell you, in brief, what it is all about.

D-mannose is a plant-derived monosaccharide that is extracted from the hard bark of plants. In particular, Dimann brand mannose-the Dimann Pure-is made byextracting this sugar from birch bark, with the aim of obtaining a premium product of the highest quality.

Since it is a simple sugar, D-mannose contains no chemicals or substances harmful to health and, in the case of our Dimann Puro, can be conveniently taken through herbal and 100% natural capsules.

But how does it work?

Simple, D-mannose prevents the bacteria responsible for cystitis and other infections from sticking to the bladder and these will slip and be expelled as you pee!

At this point you might ask what the advantages are over the more common antibiotics, right? 🤔

I certainly do not mean to say that drugs are ineffective for cystitis. The antibiotic solves the problem quickly because it kills the bacteria; on the other hand, however, it makes subsequent treatment more difficult because the bacteria may ‘fortify’ themselves and ‘learn’ to resist the drug. In addition, antibiotics damage intestinal and vaginal flora because they also kill good bacteria.

On the other hand, D-mannose respects good bacterial flora, prevents infection and helps expel bacteria naturally.

Also, it has no side effects, except for a few mild and very rare ones(if you want, you can check out this guide where I talk about them in depth).

Did I almost convince you? If you want, you can read all the reviews about Dimann Puro, which thousands of women have written to us. ❤️

However, if you should notice that the bacteria continue to plague you, you may need to switch to another remedy.

So let’s take a closer look.

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Persistent cystitis? To every problem its solution!

There are those who suffer from cystitis once in a while and those who have to struggle with this infection more than they would like.

The reason?

Often the causes are ignored or, worse, underestimated! To be clear, if you feel burning and always want to pee, it does not mean that there is only one solution.

Absolutely not.

You should know that for each type of cystitis there is a special kit capable of targeted action. I can understand that, in a panic, you want to solve the problem immediately and rely on that antibiotic that your friend also took for her cystitis. Unfortunately, however, we have seen that this is not the right way.

What you need to do is to figure out what kind of cystitis it is, whether bacterial, post-coital, interstitial, and so on.

Having done that, you can treat it, although I understand that at first it might be difficult to locate the right products: that’s why I suggest you write to me, I will help you find the answers you are looking for.😘

Cystitis alarm: what to do?

If you have realized that you have the symptoms of cystitis, there are a few things you can do to make sure.

First, you should undergo specific tests, such as urinoculture or pelvic floor assessment. However, if you wanted to get an idea before booking these visits, you can use urine sticks.

If you have never heard of them, they are a series of strips that change color if they detect bacteria in urine.

Plus, remember that you can always write to me and tell me your story, and if you want to get some of your doubts out of the way, you can fill out the ‘Find Your Path‘ test, a quiz that will help you better understand your cystitis and how to treat it effectively.

In short, together we will find a solution, don’t worry! 💪🏼

I hug you tightly from here,

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In this article we talked about…

  • Cystitis is an infection that can be treated with D-mannose, a plant-derived monosaccharide that helps expel bacteria naturally, without resorting to drugs.
  • Antibiotics are certainly a great solution for cystitis, but there is always the risk that the bacteria will become stronger and more resistant during subsequent inflammation.
  • Dimman brand products are specific for each type of cystitis and help treat it and prevent future ones by respecting the bacterial flora.

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