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Instructions for fighting cystitis

Hello, Friend,

In this article I will give you all the instructions for fighting cystitis.

Here is what we will understand:

    1. How can you fight cystitis?
    2. How to prevent cystitis?
    3. How to understand the type of cystitis you suffer from?

I promise you will have all the instructions to fight your cystitis! 😀

Ready for the first and most useful instructions to combat cystitis?

To combat cystitis, I recommend:

  • Investigate with the help of your doctor the causes that triggered the cystitis.
    Finding and understanding where your cystitis originates from will help you fight it from the root;
  • Moisturize a lot during the day to help rid your bladder of body-damaging microorganisms. Prefer oligomineral, non-sparkling water and alternate it with ad hoc herbal teas;
  • Avoid all those foods that might most inflame the walls of your bladder, such as spicy foods, caffeine or alcoholic beverages;🍽️
  • Use intimate cleansers without fragrances and/or chemicals so as not to cause further irritation;
  • Take the specific Dimann Product Kit created specifically to treat bacterial cystitis.

Thanks to this kit (I’m just writing you about some of its fantastic benefits), you will eliminate bacteria by excreting them with urine, restore intestinal and vaginal flora, decrease symptoms, and much more.

Don’t worry, should your cystitis not be bacterial-dependent or should it be triggered punctually after sexual intercourse (so-called post-coital cystitis), there is a specific kit of Dimann products designed just for each of these types of cystitis. ❤️

Are you marking down all the instructions to fight your cystitis the best you can?
You are so good at this!

How to prevent cystitis?

We continue with practical tips to prevent cystitis:

  • Carefully take care of the intimate hygiene, changing underwear often and avoiding synthetic and overly tight-fitting clothing so as not to create environments conducive to bacterial growth;🌺
  • Drink at least two liters of water a day to keep your bladder clean and decrease bacterial concentration;
  • Follow ahealthy, balanced diet rich in fiber and vitamins;
  • Try, if you can, not to hold your urine for too long;
  • Take the ideal Dimann product kit for the prevention of cystitis.👈

With this super Kit, you will keep your bladder healthy and hinder the occurrence of more cystitis episodes.

If you have any questions about the instructions to combat cystitis that I have given you, you can contact me at any time. 🥰

How to understand the type of cystitis you suffer from?

Let’s proceed with the very last instructions to combat cystitis, but not me less important, to understand what type of cystitis is plaguing you:

  • Talk to your GP and gynecologist, reporting all your symptoms and investigating with them the factors that may have triggered your cystitis;💪
  • Performurinoculture!
    Theurine test that will allow you to tell if there is an ongoing urinary tract infection and allow you to accurately identify the species of bacteria in the urine;
  • Take the Dimann Quiz, to do an initial self-analysis and to find the tailored path that best suits your needs;🙂 🙂
  • Ask the Dimann Girls for advice on any needs.

I know, all these instructions to combat cystitis might seem difficult for you to follow, but remember: you will never be alone!

We Dimann Girls are listening and supporting you, always. 💌

Big hug!


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